UPDATE 11/12/17: Thank you for a great 2017 SRRS!
We'll keep you posted with details on SRRS hoodie.
(Expected pick up in late December/early January)  

Please read before registering (below)...

Uniform Seacoast Series Race Registration:
All 8 Seacoast Series races use Chronotrack for online race registration. While creating an account with Chronotrack is not mandatory, it can simplify the registration process for each race. You can create a free Chronotrack account when you register for your first Seacoast Series race.

Seacoast Series Scoring System:
Scoring for the Seacoast Series will managed by Athlinks.
Athlinks is an online service that helps individuals capture and collect previous race results and track their participation, performance and PRs. It also allows people to share race results and other data via a variety of social media.

Athlinks gives us quicker capability in the posting of Seacoast Series scores, fewer scoring errors, and will provide you with a much more interactive and engaging experience. Here is a link to Athlinks (https://www.athlinks.com/) so you can explore the site, and start tracking all of your own races right now. You’ll need to create an account on Athlinks to track all of your races. Creating an account will not be required to track your Seacoast Series scores.

General Rules & Information:

How Can I Participate in the Seacoast Road Race Series?
You must register for the Seacoast Road Race Series to earn scores, have your scores tracked, and have the potential to earn a Seacoast Series hoodie or any of the other awards. Registering for any of the participating races will NOT also register you for the Seacoast Series. Registering for the Series does not register you for any of the eight individual races - you must register and pay the fee for each race in which you wish to compete.

Registration for the Seacoast Series is free. You can register online or via mail-in form. You can register for the Seacoast Series even after some of the races have taken place. Registration for this year’s Seacoast Series will close on July 30, 2017. If you have not registered by that date, you will not be eligible for any awards.

How Do I Earn Seacoast Series Scores?
Each Seacoast Series participant earns a score in each participating race that they complete. The scores are based on how you finish, compared to other Seacoast Series participants of your gender. For example, the first male SRRS finisher will receive 1 point, and the second will receive 2 points, etc. Male and female runner’s scores will be tabulated separately, and so will the male and female competitive walker’s scores. Those with the lowest scores at the end of the Seacoast Series will be eligible for the “top finisher” awards. Earning the Seacoast Series hoodie is based on the number of races you complete, rather than the number of points you have earned.

Scores are tracked based on having the same information in your Seacoast Series registration and your individual race registrations. So if you register as “David” for the Seacoast Series, don’t register as “Dave” for the individual races. The information our scoring system compares includes first and last names, gender, age, and hometown. If any of that information does not match, you may not get a score for that race. 

What should I do if some of my information (name, hometown) changes during the Seacoast Series?
If you change your name or move during the Seacoast Series, let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you get proper credit for all of the participating races you complete. If you have a birthday during the Seacoast Series season, that is OK - our scoring system allows for a 1-year increase in age.

Do I have to monitor my Seacoast Series Scores?
YES, you do! We have nearly 1,000 people register for the Seacoast Series each year, and it is impossible for us to check everyone’s scores after each race. So we ask YOU to take responsibility for checking your scores after every race you complete, and letting us know immediately if there are any scoring errors. If we don’t hear from you, we will assume your scores are OK. If we do hear from you about a scoring problem, we will resolve it as best and as quickly as we can. 98% of all scoring errors that are reported promptly can be resolved.
Contact: info@proportsmouth.org

Where Will I Find My Seacoast Series Scores?
You will NOT find your scores on Cool Running! Cool Running only posts race results. You should never assume that if you can see your results on Cool Running, that you have received a Seacoast Series score for that race. The only way to make sure you have a score for any race is to check the Seacoast Series scores on this website, or on Athlinks.

What should I do if I find a scoring error?
If you find an incorrect score, or if you are missing a score for a race, contact us by email immediately. Most errors are quickly and easily resolved. However, especially if the problem is missing race results, it is harder to try to resolve the issue the longer past the race date you wait to notify us. Race timers don’t keep all their data forever, and once it is gone, it cannot be recovered. 

What Do I Have To Do To Earn Series' Apparel?
You must be registered for the Seacoast Series to participate. And you need to complete six of the eight races in the Seacoast Series, including two races longer than a 5K. There are three races longer than a 5K: The Market Square Day 10K; Saunders At Rye Harbor 10K; and the Fox Point Sunset 5-Mile Race. As long as you receive scores for the required races, you will have earned your Seacoast Series apparel. No other races may be substituted for a Seacoast Series race. The Seacoast Half Marathon is a ‘bonus ‘ race, and will not count toward your total.

When Will I Get My SRRS Apparel?
After the final race in the Seacoast Series, we allow about two weeks for any final scoring adjustments. Then the scores are locked, and merchandise ordered for all who have qualified. It takes about 4-6 weeks to receive the apparel and have the embroidery completed and the decals applied. The apparel is usually available for pick up (at Runner’s Alley in Portsmouth) by late December. All recipients will be notified by email when the apparel is ready (we do not mail merchandise).

What Is The Purpose of The Bonus Race?
Those who successfully complete the Seacoast Series AND the Seacoast Half Marathon will be entered into a special drawing. The names of two women and two men will be drawn at random. They will each receive free entries into all of the following year’s Seacoast Series races - about a $175 value!

We call it "The 8 for 8 Challenge" - complete all 8 Series' races and
receive a unique "award." (TBD)

A few other things...

Do I receive updates throughout the season?
We send updates and reminders to all participants during the Seacoast Series, so make sure we have your correct email address. When you register online for the Seacoast Series, you will receive a confirmation email within minutes. If you do not receive that confirmation email, you may have made an error when entering your email address, you did not properly complete the registration process or your spam filter is not set to accept emails from the registration site.
We also post updates on Facebook - Seacoast Road Race Series.

Questions? Contact info@proportsmouth.org

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