UPDATE 12/20: The SRRS hoodie can be picked up at the
Portsmouth location of Runner's Alley (104 Congress Street)
beginning on Thursday, December 21st!
(We cannot mail SRRS apparel; all hoodies must be
picked up by Sunday, January 14th).

(Links for both Runners' and Walkers' results appear at the bottom of this page.)

Athlinks.com is once again managing the Seacoast Series scoring. The way we compute the scores is the same as in previous years: The first Seacoast Series finisher of each gender receives 1 point; the second Seacoast Series finisher of each gender receives 2 points, etc. Each person must complete 6 of the 8 races, including 2 longer than a 5K, to qualify for our apparel or any of the overall awards.

As always, you’ll still be able to view your scores from this Seacoast Series web page. Just use the links we'll post below to go to the Runners or Walkers scores. On the next page, use the search window near the top to find your name in the 2017 Seacoast Series.

The Series' results will typically be updated within 7-10 days of each race.

When you find your name it will show your overall scores so far. You can also click on your name to display the individual results of each Seacoast Series race you have completed.

You can even “claim" your results if you want. Claiming your results will enable you to monitor your racing history. It’s free from Athlinks. Just click on the "claim" button next to your name and you will be able to capture all of your race results, not just the Seacoast Series results, in one place. The site will track your best performances at each distance. You’ll also be able to view your race history by race, so you can track your results in each race that you’ve run in multiple years.

IMPORTANT: When you "Claim" a race, it may disappear from results as Athlinks adds and calculates your data. Results are typically returned to the roster in 24 hours.

If you registered for any of the races under a variation of the name you used when you registered for the Seacoast Series A) find your Seacoast Series registration confirmation to make sure of the name you used when you registered for the Seacoast Series; B) “claim” the race that is with your Seacoast Series name to keep all of your scores together under that name. When the scores are next recalculated, that name will be used.

**IMPORTANT: To put it simply, if you check your results on coolrunning only,
you are not following Series results! So, if you see results on coolrunning and think you are set - you are not! Results posted here are the only results that matter when it comes to qualifying for Series' apparel...

2017 Registration Roster (Final as of 8/1): click here.

Congratulations to the 2017 Age Group Winners - click here for the results.

Our 2017 8 for 8 are great - click here to see who persevered!

2017 RESULTS - UPDATED 11/1/17 (include all eight races):
For Runners' results, click here.
For Walkers' results, click here.

Runners' DQ List, click here.
Walkers' DQ List, click here.

If you have a question regarding results from an individual race,
please contact the Race Director - information here.

Questions/concerns regarding the Series? Contact us at: info@proportsmouth.org

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