2015 Seacoast Road Race Series' Down the Stretch...

Portsmouth, NH. October 23, 2015. With seven of the eight Seacoast Series races in the books, the current overall leaders are: Leslie O’Dell leads the female runners with 5 points. She is followed by Jessica Lafleur (13), Amy Trueworthy (18), Miae Jacobs (20), and Kim Parker (28). O’Dell, Trueworthy, and Jacobs must complete the Great Bay 5K to stay in the competition.

The male runners are led by Eric Couture (5 points), Derrick Hamel (10), Justin Whittet (14), Kevin St. Laurent (17) and Darin Brown (20). Only Whittet has completed the required 6 races prior to the Great Bay 5K.

The female competitive walkers are led by Sherrie H. Gadd (5 points), Nancy Winkley (10), Brenda Donroe (10), and Judith Yeary (15). All of these racers have to complete the Great Bay 5K to remain in the competition.

The leading male competitive walkers are Jay Diener (6 points), Hank Lopez (9), and Peter Bresciano (18). Only Lopez needs to complete the Great Bay 5K to remain in the competition.

Just The Facts...

Here are the final results from this year’s SRRS...

Overall winners (Runners):
These are the people who earned the lowest scores across the entire Seacoast Series. All of the overall winners received trophies, and the 1st place Runners also received a cash award:

1st:  Melissa Donais, Tom Doherty
2nd: Jessica Lafleur, Mike Guarascio
3rd: Laurie Gaudreau, David Marchefka

Overall Winners (Walkers):

1st: Sherrie H. Gadd, Jay Diener
2nd: Gayle Torres, Peter Bresciano

Age Group Winners:
These are the people who earned the lowest scores in their age groups across the entire Seacoast Series. Each of these winners have earned Runner’s Alley gift certificates:

Under 19: Hanne Heinrich, Aidan Conant
20-29: Emily Purmort, Alex Shaffer
30-39: Andrea Kelly Matt Lafleur
40-49: Julie Spague, Dan Verdick
50-59: Miae Jacobs, Tom Lazewski
60-69: Geri Clifford, Brian Byrne
70-79: Wendy Burbank, Tom Kelsch

Bonus Prize Winners:
These names were drawn from among the 83 men and women who completed this year’s Seacoast Series AND completed the Seacoast Half Marathon. Their prize is free entries into all of the 2015 Seacoast Series races (not including the Seacoast Half Marathon):

Lisa Davis, Szu-Hui Lee, Andrew Howe, Victor Nghe

By The Numbers...
987 people registered for the 2014 Seacoast Road Race Series, and 563 went on to earn their SRRS jackets this year.  Of those who completed the Seacoast Series, 375 are women, and 188 are men.

This year’s Seacoast Road Race Series jackets should be available for pick up at Runner’s Alley in Portsmouth by late December. We will send emails and post notices here and on our FaceBook page when this year's jackets are ready.

Our History...
Since it’s inception in 2005, over 4,500 distinctive Seacoast Road Race Series jackets have been awarded to the men and women who have achieved their goals of completing the requirements of the Seacoast Series.

Thank You...
We are grateful to our sponsors, including York Hospital, Runner’s Alley, and Brooks, for helping to make it possible to conduct the Seacoast Series and award the prizes and jackets at no cost to the participants.

10th Anniversary Seacoast Road Race Series Announces 2014 Winners

PORTSMOUTH, NH. October 28, 2014. With the completion of all eight races in the 2014 Seacoast Road Race Series, this year’s overall winners have been determined. The overall winners are the racers with the lowest total point score for six of the eight races. If any of the leaders completed more than the required six races, their highest extra scores would be dropped to ‘level the playing field’ at six races each. Awards are given to the top three male and female runners, and the top two male and female competitive walkers. The First Place runners each receive $100 and a distinctive glass award. All of the rest of the top finishers receive our glass award.

The 2014 Men’s Runner winners are Tom Doherty (7 points, including five first place scores); Mike Guarascio (11 points, with two first place scores); and David Marchefka (18 points with one first place score).

The Women’s Runner winners are Melissa Donais (6 points, all first place scores); Jessica Lafleur (12 points), and Laurie Gaudreau (14 points).

The Women’s Walker winners are Sherrie H. Gadd (11 points, four first place scores); and Gayle Torres (11 points, three first place scores). Both women had the same number of points, so the winner was determined by the greater number of first place finishes.

The Men's Walker winners are Jay Diener (7 points, five first place scores); and Peter Bresciano (10 points, one first place score).

The Age Group winners for this year’s Seacoast Road Race Series will be announced once the scores for all eight races have been finalized. Each of the Age Group winners will receive a gift certificate to Runner’s Alley.

In addition to the standard awards, those who successfully complete the Seacoast Series AND the Seacoast Half Marathon will be entered into a special drawing. The names of two women and two men will be drawn at random. They will each receive free entries into all of the following year’s Seacoast Series races - about a $175 value!

The Series’ Race Directors gratefully acknowledge the 2014 Sponsors: Brooks, Runner’s Alley and York Hospital.

About the Seacoast Road Race Series

The goals of the Seacoast Series, since its inception in 2005, have been to help people get and stay fit through regular exercise, introduce people to the beauty and diversity of road races on the New Hampshire/Maine seacoast, and provide additional revenue for local non-profit organizations.




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