The goals of the Seacoast Series, since its inception in 2005, have been to help people get and stay fit through regular exercise, introduce people to the beauty and diversity of road races on the New Hampshire/Maine seacoast, and provide additional revenue for the non-profit beneficiaries of all Seacoast Road Race Series' races. 

  • Total number of runners and walkers registered for the Seacoast Series since 2005: 9,957
  • Number of Series' apparel items awarded to those who completed the annual Seacoast Series since 2005: 5,283
  • Number of Seacoast Series hoodies awarded in 2017: 241
  • Comments from past Seacoast Series participants:

"For personal reasons, this was a big accomplishment, and the jacket was important to her."

"Yes, I have lost 40 pounds and a large {jacket} would be HUGE! Can you please change the size to a medium...Thank you so much!"

"I am looking forward to running the series again next year."

"This is a great series of races."

"[Our daughter] has absolutely LOVED the series and every race in it. And her Dad and I have been impressed by how well it and all its component races have been run."

"It was such a pleasure to participate with such a wonderful community of runners. You guys did a great job in organizing and motivating everyone throughout the year."

The Seacoast Road Race Series continues to provide motivation, especially for new runners and walkers, as well as those recovering from injuries, to embark on and continue with a regular exercise program. Every year since the Seacoast Series was initiated, we have heard from people who have gotten fit, overcome adversity, and lost weight because of their participation in the Seacoast Series. It certainly makes our day to have been able to help all these people accomplish their goals.

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