IMPORTANT: Requests to perform consisting of an email with links to a website or Facebook page do not provide us with the information (in particular, fee structure) we need to make our selections, so please, read instructions below and complete forms in order to receive consideration.

The 2020 Call opens in February.

Should you have any questions, contact us by email at or 603-433-4398 Ext. 3. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

IMPORTANT: We keep your information on file throughout the year
and contact you when we want to discuss a potential performance.
Due to the volume of CTP applications, we contact only those performers
that we are interested in contracting for our events.

Things to consider if you're applying:
- There are approved performance stages within each event's footprint:
         Market Square Day: two
         Children's Day: one
         Summer in the Street: one
         First Night: seven; all indoors (Street Dance is held outdoors, hosted by a DJ)

- All sidewalks must remain open as pedestrian walkways.
         MSD - Booths are set up at the curb; center of all streets open as pedestrian walkways.
         Children's Day - Block Party on Pleasant Street, same rules as MSD.
         Summer in the Street - Stage is set up on Pleasant St. with a PPI booth, same rules as MSD.
         First Night - On Pleasant Street for Outdoor Street Dance with DJ booth, same rules as MSD.

- Due the size, scope of the crowds at MSD, we do not include roving/roaming musicians at the event. The same applies on Children's Day.
With one stage at Summer in the Street, we do not include roving, roaming performers in the event footprint.
For First Night, no outdoor live performances take place within our event footprint.

As the event producer, we are responsible for setting up sound systems in compliance with all City Ordinances. In some cases, we provide the sound (MSD, Children's Day); there are instances where we allow performers to use their own sound systems (First Night, Summer in the Street).

To those submitting for consideration:
Please keep in mind that as a part of our Mission, when contracting performers,
we do place an emphasis on local/Seacoast/regional performers.
We typically work directly with musicians and performers, not with third party agents or management companies.

Should you have any questions, contact or (603) 433-4398 Ext. 3.

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