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Since 1990, Portsmouth has come alive as kids take over the Downtown on the first Sunday in May – featuring music, dance, crafts & activities – known as Children's Day.

Children's Day, like all Pro Portsmouth events, brings thousands (locals and visitors) into the City and whether they eat in a restaurant or shop in a store that day or come back at another point in the year – in some cases to relocate - we are one of the Seacoast's best marketing outlets. It is fair to say that possibly many of your employees enjoy this event. Since it is virtually cost-free to all attendees, we need to raise over $10.0K in order to produce Children's Day. Everything we do depends on the generosity and support of people like you.

That is why we feel it's important and timely to ask for your financial support as the current climate dictates that it's no longer okay to expect just a few to foot the bill for 'the many'.

What are we proposing?

We need you to 'share' in the production of Children's Day by participating in our Community Initiative. The Support Signup form details the Children's Day Community Initiative's benefits as well as the levels of shares you can purchase.

Remember, the continuation and success of events like Children's Day depends on all of us working together. We hope that you will join us as a Children's Day Shareholder…

And, if you are a Downtown Merchant and would like to host an activity in your space, please contact us: 603-433-4398 Ext. 3 or                                                                                                                                 

P.S. Get creative…share a 'Share' with a friend or neighbor!

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