The 2016 Booth Application and other important information will be posted here in February.

Each year we invite Artists, Craftspeople, fellow Non-Profits, Downtown and Local Merchants, as well as a selection of Vendors to apply for inclusion at Market Square Day.

The festival affords all the opportunity to stroll the streets of Portsmouth in search of great crafts, products and tasty offerings by local restaurants, non-profits and food vendors.

The Festival begins at 9:00 am in Downtown Portsmouth. Three entertainment stages feature an eclectic mix of music and dance. Over 100 booths line the streets until 4:00 pm. Don't miss the 10K Road Race which starts off at Market Square.

We welcome you to enjoy an evening in Portsmouth - filled with great local restaurants, pubs and live music.


We do not reserve Booth Spaces - everyone must complete the Application Process.

PLEASE NOTE: Only approved Vendors are permitted to sell/sample products and distribute information (in their Booth area) on Market Square Day.

Those individuals 'soliciting' information and products (sampling, handing out flyers, political campaigns, etc.) without the MSD Vendor Permit for an approved Booth Space will be asked to leave the event footprint out of respect for those who have complied with the application/permitting  process.

All MSD performances (music, dance, etc.) are scheduled at our two stages - please respect our plan and refrain from setting up in other areas within the event footprint (refer to the Event Map). Only contracted artists and those with Booth Spaces can perform during MSD.

ANOTHER REMINDER: All sidewalks in the Festival footprint must remain open/clear for pedestrian access. This relates to all MSD Vendors and Downtown Businesses - racks, tents, tables, power cords, supplies cannot be on the sidewalk.

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